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The Fame Monster - Super Deluxe Edition (Signed)

Origin: US
Store: Lady Gaga's Official US Store
Price: $199 USD

Released: 2009
Rarity: ★★★★☆
Barcode: 602448143624

Limited Edition: 10,000

GagaMania Number: 4348

Additional Notes: Store Exclusive, Signed Edition! Limited to 20 copies sold exclusively on her official US store in 2009. 

"Calling all Lady Gaga fans, do you want to be a part of The Fame Monster? We're accepting submissions for any & all original artwork created for & inspired by Lady Gaga. Send in your original drawings, poems, paintings, outfits, or anything else you've created that reflects Lady Gaga (not The Fame Monster, but Lady Gaga in general). Some entries will be selected for inclusion in The Fame Monster! All submissions must be received by Friday, September 11th, and you must be 18 or over to be eligible. Only art that is your own, personal creation not utilizing any actual photos will be accepted (the ONLY photos that will be accepted are of Lady Gaga-inspired outfits you've personally created). Winning entries will receive a Lady Gaga t-shirt. Click here to read the full contest rules, and check back for details on The Fame Monster, coming soon!"

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